My work searches for a nexus between nature and the human condition, ambiguous space both mysterious and unnerving. What is meant to be seen is not an obvious declaration of the tenets of abstraction but rather a fusion of vastly different emotions through empathy and imagination.

The action of painting weaves content, materials, and process, all necessary in the deconstructs of perception. I continue to explore the use of alternative applicators and challenge the traditional approach to painting using handmade oil paints, pigmented shellac, enamel on paper, wood panels, and canvas. I am beguiled by the subtleties of layered paint always hinting at an inner truth.

“In considering alchemy as it might be applied to making abstract imagery, think of it as the practice of reconciling dualities or opposites: temporality and timelessness; permanence and ephemerality; the apparent and the implied; the literal and the metaphorical. Brody’s paintings are on one level really about the paint and paradoxically enough, the paint transcending its paint-ness in the same way poetry employs words.” 

Tom Wachunas